Dichellddrwg (dichellddrwg) wrote in waveandairfurs,

It may not happen often, but there are sometimes happy endings for old ships. Such is the case with the Rotterdam (V). I remember seeing her back in 1996 when I worked on QE2. She was such a beautiful ship but the comment that struck me from a crewmate was that she would be nothing more than razor blades in a year or so. But that wasn't to be as she went of to that farce of a line Premier. When they went tits up, I figured she was done for and the trip to Alang was inevitable.

Fast forward quite a few years, maybe 2005, and I saw her again, this time sitting in Gibraltar. The word was that she was going to be refit and converted into a hotel. You hear that story quite a bit with any old ship, so I didn't put much stock in it. But now their work is done and they are about to reopen her to the public. Have a look at Maritime Matters (running through Google Translate) and have a look at her. She looks wonderful.

Every now and then its nice to see these old girls getting the respect that they deserve.

Happy New Year all!
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