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Shipwrecks in the Adria (Mediteranian Sea)

I got a nautic map pf the northern Adria. I'm looking for positions of shipwrecks there. Known wrecks are shown on the map, but there are no names to gather additional information. There used to be a website www.shipwreckcentral.com, but it seems to be offline. I do know the position of the "Baron Gautsch" of course since you need a special permit to dive there.

Could anyone be of assistance, please?
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Buying a used boat...

Hello guys!

Last week-end, I've been to the exhibition "Boot" in Düsseldorf, Germany and drooled over sailing and motorboats. So far, I de-crypted the economic part behind it, but the technical is still the question. Does anyone got some tips for me how to decide wether a boat is for the scrapyard or wether its maybe an old beauty?

Of course, I do know to check for hits against the ground...

First, I wanted to go for a sailing yacht, but those are over the point I can afford and people reacted very weired when I told them I still have to earn money for 5 years to do so. In the next hall, there were motorboats and I looked at a "Bayliner". A pretty boat and quite affordable due to the exchange rate between the Dollar and Euro. SRP was 43000 EUR, exhibition special 34000 EUR and if somebody puts 25000 on the table its O.K. as well.


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It may not happen often, but there are sometimes happy endings for old ships. Such is the case with the Rotterdam (V). I remember seeing her back in 1996 when I worked on QE2. She was such a beautiful ship but the comment that struck me from a crewmate was that she would be nothing more than razor blades in a year or so. But that wasn't to be as she went of to that farce of a line Premier. When they went tits up, I figured she was done for and the trip to Alang was inevitable.

Fast forward quite a few years, maybe 2005, and I saw her again, this time sitting in Gibraltar. The word was that she was going to be refit and converted into a hotel. You hear that story quite a bit with any old ship, so I didn't put much stock in it. But now their work is done and they are about to reopen her to the public. Have a look at Maritime Matters (running through Google Translate) and have a look at her. She looks wonderful.

Every now and then its nice to see these old girls getting the respect that they deserve.

Happy New Year all!
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Tails in the Desert

Went up to to the air park north of Marana, Arizona. This is where unused jets are parked for parts or storage. While security is tight to get on the base, I was able to find some farm roads to get these shots. Enjoy!

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MV Discovery Sun

Whenever I am near Port Everglades, I always go see what is in port. This time it was the MV Discovery Sun. The only ship used for the Discovery cruise lines - more like a shuttle between Ft. Lauderdale and the Bahamas. Built in 1968 in Germany, it is still in service here.